The numbers don’t lie....

  • 95 Years

    Experience in recruiting by founders and stakeholders
  • 022,000

    Hires overseen by founders and stakeholders
  • 2,000

    Searches pushed through the Celectiv process
  • 12

    Countries where
    we have placed

Our Board of Directors

Greg Carrott

Tom Fitzpatrick

Sheena Iyengar

Mark Schulz

William R. Voss

  • Having used search firms for many years at Pepsico, Northwest Airlines, General Mills, and Unilever, I grasped immediately the opportunity of Celectiv to disrupt the search industry.

    Jim Lawrence |

    Former Vice Chairman and CFO of General Mills and Unilever

  • The world of staffing is slow moving. The team at Celectiv has the know-how and the technology to deliver successful candidates while trimming both cost and time to hire.

    Doug Hacker |

    Former CFO of United Airlines

  • I was in HR for more than 40 years at two Fortune 100 companies, the last 15 of which as the global head of HR at Deere & Company. The tools Greg used to assess candidates, and which Celectiv now uses, resulted in much higher successful placement, better culture fit and retention than other search and general recruiting firms.

    Mert Hornbuckle |

    Former head of human resources at Deere & Company

  • Greg is perhaps the leading intellectual in the search space. Using his extensive experience to introduce a disruptive force to search can be his crowning achievement.

    Bruce Blythe |

    Former Treasurer and Head of Strategy at Ford

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